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Acupuncture Shoulder & Neck Pain Relief

Acupuncture is effective for shoulder pain relief. Two independent investigations find acupuncture effective for the alleviation of scapulohumeral periarthritis, which involves inflammation of the shoulder region.

Source: healthcmi.com
Date posted: 24/12/2020

The surprising connection between dairy consumption and iron deficiency

It might surprise you to know that drinking cow’s milk has been associated in scientific literature as a possible risk factor for iron deficiency.

Source: naturalhealth365.com
Date posted: 23/12/2020

In shaky times, focus on past successes, if overly anxious, depressed

The more chaotic things get, the harder it is for people with clinical anxiety and/or depression to make sound decisions and to learn from their mistakes.

Source: sciencedaily.com
Date posted: 23/12/2020

The poison found in everyone, even unborn babies

Chemicals called PFAS and PFOS – known as forever chemicals – are in the blood of virtually every person on the planet.

Source: The Guardian
Date posted: 17/12/2020

Herbal RELIEF: Lower blood pressure with these 3 ancient remedies, science confirms

High blood pressure, a major trigger for heart attacks, heart failure and stroke. Many people turn to botanical remedies – such as fennel seeds, lavender oil and German chamomile – to help lower blood pressure.

Source: NaturalHealth365
Date posted: 15/12/2020

Uttana Padasana – Raised Leg Pose, How To Do, Benefits, Effect on Doshas

In Uttana Padasana, the practitioner raises both the legs from the supine position and hence the name. It is an intense stretch of the legs.

Source: easyayurveda.com
Date posted: 14/12/2020

COVID-19 and the De-Stigmatization of Therapy

"This is my first time in therapy" Sean tells me in our first virtual session. He is among the many who have come into therapy for the first time with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Psychotherapy.net
Date posted: 14/12/2020

Is Turmeric Good For Weight Loss

The golden-colored powder is an ancient spice used in curries and Ayurvedic remedies as an anti-inflammatory. But is turmeric good for weight loss? Research studies say it could be so.

Source: organicfacts.net
Date posted: 01/12/2020

Popular Blood Pressure Medication Increases Risk Of Skin Cancer

Research shows an association between skin cancer and one of the most common hypertension medications.

Source: shape-able.com
Date posted: 30/11/2020

Role of lesser known homoeopathic remedies in the treatment of hypertension

This article aims at explaining various rare homoeopathic remedies which are very much useful in treating both essential and secondary hypertension.

Source: Homeobook
Date posted: 30/11/2020

Tiny air pollution rise linked to 11% more Covid-19 deaths – study

A small rise in people’s long-term exposure to air pollution is associated with an 11% increase in deaths from Covid-19, research has found.

Source: The Guardian
Date posted: 30/11/2020

Kitchen aid in homoeopathy

The concept is mainly based on the Home remedies which are available in the kitchen and our garden and surroundings.

Source: Homeobook
Date posted: 30/11/2020



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