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Can Brisk Walking Keep You Younger? A New Study Says Yes

You can’t change your age. If you’ve been on this earth for 50 years, you’re 50. Not 49, not 35, just 50. But you CAN change your biological age, which means that your physical health is the equivalent of someone older or younger. A recent study published in Communications Biology a simple step you can take to reduce your biological age by years.

Source: Wake Up World
Date posted: 09/06/2022

Healthy Morning Drinks

So let’s take a look at a number of different beverages you can enjoy in the morning to support your health, mood, and energy. Then we’ll end with seven different drink recipes for you to try.

Source: Awaken.com
Date posted: 08/06/2022

How To Have More Patience & Manage Uncertainty

Many of us can relate to the fact that our world is chalked full of uncertainties right now. Whether it be in our careers, relationships, or state of the world, it’s normal to feel a sense of uncertainty.

Source: Collective Evolution
Date posted: 07/06/2022

Nut Portion Recommendations What does 30 grams of nuts look like?

The objective of this study was to quantify the actual grams of nuts people choose when using various descriptive terms (handful, large/small, usual, or 30 g).

Source: Natural Medicine Journal
Date posted: 05/06/2022

Senna Tea: Healthy Natural Laxative or Too Much of a Good Thing?

Senna is an herb that comes from a variety of flowering species of Cassia plants, often used to make senna tea. Senna leaf, fruit and pods have been used in tea form as a purgative or natural laxative for centuries. In fact, Arabian physicians are said to have discussed senna’s medicinal qualities all the way back in 9th century A.D.

Source: Dr. Axe
Date posted: 02/06/2022

The Roots of Strength

"Having cared for my adult son with terminal cancer has taught me a lot about strength. And when I think of strength, I think of trees—one tree in particular—that has gotten me through some of the darkest days of my life."

Source: health Insights - Lynn Jaffee
Date posted: 01/06/2022

More Evidence That a Low-Fat Vegan Diet Boosts Metabolism, Prevents Disease

Trying a diet without added fats or animal products might be one way to jump-start your weight loss efforts. In a study published in November 2020 in JAMA Network Open, eating this way helped overweight and obese people lose an average of 5.9 kilograms (about 13 pounds) over 16 weeks.

Source: Everyday Health
Date posted: 31/05/2022

5 Important Ways To Improve Joint Health

The joint is a delicate internal body part. A joint’s position makes it responsible for a huge part of the entire body movement. For this reason, joints need to be functioning at peak efficiency at all times.

Source: Get Holistic Health
Date posted: 30/05/2022

How Breath Helps the Body: Simple Breathing Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

I’ve talked about how important it is to clean your indoor air, but it’s equally as important to know how to breathe properly.

Source: Wellness Mama
Date posted: 29/05/2022

Cranberries offer STUNNING neuroprotective benefits, new study suggests

Thanks to a study done by a prominent university in the United Kingdom, a tiny berry is making big waves in the health community. That berry is the humble cranberry.

Source: Natural Health 365
Date posted: 27/05/2022

9 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water in the Morning

Starting your day with lemon juice is an excellent way to boost vitality, increase energy and cleanse out your system. The first thing you put in your body each day can have a big impact on your productivity and mood.

Source: Greenmed Info
Date posted: 25/05/2022

Panic 101: what to do during a panic attack – and how to prevent them

A sudden episode of intense fear leaves sufferers feeling debilitated and out of control. Practical steps can help to regain calm and avoid future attacks

Source: The Guardian
Date posted: 24/05/2022



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