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The Benefits of Coffee Enemas

"When coffee enemas were first suggested to me, I thought it was one of the strangest ideas I had ever heard. But at the time, I was desperate. I was exhausted all the time, depressed, barely functional. I was willing to try anything. And to my astonishment, I felt much better when I did them, so much better that as a sleep-deprived intern, I was willing to get up a little earlier every day to give myself a coffee enema before heading to the hospital."

Source: Kelly Brogan MD
Date posted: 26/10/2020

How can you increase testosterone naturally?

When it comes to increasing your testosterone, quality sleep, physical activity, and weight management come first. A few supplements can help sustain healthy testosterone levels, but most supplements marketed as testosterone boosters don’t work, though some can make you believe they do by boosting your libido.

Source: Examine.com
Date posted: 25/10/2020

Blue-light glasses improve your sleep and work

Wearing blue-light glasses just before sleeping can lead to a better night’s sleep and contribute to a better day’s work to follow, new research shows.

Source: Futurity.org
Date posted: 23/10/2020

27 Desserts That Won't Make You Fat

There's nothing wrong with having dessert. Life is all about balance, and by giving your body some of the foods it loves—like a little bit of chocolate—can help further your overall weight loss. This is why we chose a few of our favorite sweet treats that are easy to portion out, which we have deemed the desserts that won't make you fat.

Source: Eat This.com
Date posted: 21/10/2020



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