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3 Foods That Promote Healthy Vision

Maintaining healthy vision takes more than getting regular checkups – what you eat can have a positive impact on your eyesight.

Source: Dr Weil
Date posted: 02/08/2020

The Health Powers of Cooked Green Bananas Are Amazing

Currently, cooked green bananas aren’t that popular but people in the Caribbean, Africa, South America, Pacific Islands, Central America, and other places where bananas grow eat them quite often. People may want to start eating them more because the health benefits of the alkaline fruit are incredible.

Source: Alkaline Valley Foods
Date posted: 31/07/2020

10 All-Natural Hormone-Balancing Foods

Improve Physical, Mental and Emotional Health. Hormones play a crucial role in all forms of health — physical, mental and emotional. Everything from your mood to your complexion to your digestion depends on a healthy hormonal balance.

Source: Online Holistic Health
Date posted: 29/07/2020

Natural Techniques for Fighting Allergies

Summer is here — and with it the pollen and insects that can make this season a misery for allergy sufferers. You sniffle, sneeze and cough your way through the tulips instead of tiptoeing. In the age of COVID-19, you endure suspicious looks from strangers each time your symptoms show. Follow the tips below to ease your symptoms naturally.

Source: Wake Up World
Date posted: 28/07/2020

What is Kombucha and How to Make it

Kombucha is a sour tonic fermented beverage, like rejuvelac and kvass, with the incredible power to heal your gut, protect your from chemicals entering your body, and retrain your immune system.

Source: End All Disease
Date posted: 27/07/2020

Foods That Weaken Your Immune System

The Coronavirus is a virus that can easily be beaten providing you are healthy and your immune system is fairly strong. Given that keeping the immune system strong is important at this point, it’s good to understand which foods can help your immune system and which may weaken it. Food is medicine, and that’s not just a cliche statement; it’s one of the best forms of preventative healthcare.

Source: Collective Evolution
Date posted: 26/07/2020

The Role of Magnesium for Cognitive Function in Older Adults

Research has shown higher vitamin D levels are associated with reduced risk of low cognitive function in older adults, and this association appears to be modified by the level of magnesium intake

Source: Dr. Mercola
Date posted: 24/07/2020

Recommending Intermittent Fasting

Research regarding the myriad health benefits achieved with fasting has increased significantly over the past 5 years. In addition to expanding the clinical applications beyond weight loss, the scientific literature paints a clear picture as to the many mechanisms of action and pathways positively influenced by this eating style. This review encapsulates the key mechanisms of action, provides an overview of clinical applications, and identifies any contraindications.

Source: Natural Medicine Journal
Date posted: 22/07/2020

5 Reasons to Do a Body Scan Meditation

Studies have found that following body scan guided meditations can help people become more self-aware and present, cope with pain, feel more relaxed and less anxious, sleep better, and learn to be less self-critical.

Source: Dr. Axe
Date posted: 21/07/2020

Dietary Guidelines Are Harming Human Health and the Environment

Dietary guidelines are published every few years by governments that want to help their citizens make healthier food choices. These guidelines influence menus designed for schools, hospitals, care homes, and prisons, and affect the ingredient lists on prepared foods. They're taught to children and used as a reference when retraining eating habits. They're a great idea in theory, but unfortunately do not work so well in real life.

Source: Treehugger
Date posted: 20/07/2020

Drinking Less Improves Well-Being, Even in Moderate Drinkers, Study Finds

Alcohol-free bars, “Dry January,” and fraternity houses devoid of kegs are just a few signs that America’s love affair with drinking is evolving. Now a study published in July 2019 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests these teetotaling trendsetters may be onto something. The study found that people were often happier when they quit drinking, especially women.

Source: Everyday Health
Date posted: 19/07/2020

Nootropics- What Can It Help With?

Nootropics have gained a lot of popularity lately. They are a hot trend in the health supplement industry. But do they really work? And, if yes, what are their benefits? The short answer is yes, these herb extracts work as long as you include them in an overall balanced lifestyle. Let’s find out some more details about them.

Source: Get Holistic Health
Date posted: 17/07/2020



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