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DIY Natural Insect Repellents for the Summer

It’s a debate that rages through the camping world, that dons the headlines of such lofty publications as Porch Sitters Anonymous and Balcony Business Weekly, a concern that distracts woodsy hikers and urbanite park strollers alike: What exactly are we supposed to do with irksome bugs?

Source: One Green Planet
Date posted: 12/06/2020

Top Five Natural Antiviral Agents

Are you looking for ways to ward off viruses so that you can stay healthy in these uncertain times? Mother Nature's got your back with five of the most potent natural antivirals that can help keep viruses at bay

Source: Green Med Info
Date posted: 10/06/2020

An Anti-Anxiety Agent in Tea?

L-theanine, an amino acid found in tea plants, is responsible for the unique flavor of green tea. This compound is said to promote relaxation and modify the stimulating effects of the caffeine present in green tea.

Source: Dr Weil
Date posted: 09/06/2020

10 Horrifying Facts About How Drinking Cow's Milk Can Destroy Your Health

The consumption of cow’s milk and its products produce acid and mucus in the body. An acidic body creates an environment for diseases to develop and thrive.

Source: Alkaline Valley Foods
Date posted: 08/06/2020

How The Western Diet Affects Your Body & Mind

The Western diet usually consists of processed food, high fats, and sugar — all of which negatively affect your body. Processed and fast foods cause a variety of diseases including diabetes, kidney failure, and obesity, and more. Recent studies also reveal that a Western food diet also can have damaging effects on the human endocrine and immunity system.

Source: Online Holistic Health
Date posted: 06/06/2020

Principles of Good Health

In reality, nature created you to feel good. Wouldn’t it be great to start rejuvenating your system by spending a week at a health spa? No time? Then consider incorporting the following tips into your lifestyle.

Source: American Holistic Health Association
Date posted: 05/06/2020

Elderberry and the Immune System: A Powerful Combination

Every once in a while, a herbal remedy works so well that even the most skeptical experts sit up and take notice. Such has been the case with elderberry (Sambucus nigra). From ancient times, people have used elderberry for the immune system. This plant has a long history of traditional use backed by solid scientific evidence. With its abundant phytochemicals, many experts consider it a superfood.

Source: Wake Up World
Date posted: 03/06/2020

Study: The 10 Best Indoor Plants for Eliminating Toxic Air Pollution

After spending most of our evolution in natural environments, we have an innate desire to interact with the natural world. Nature plays a vital role in human health and relationships, by easing stress and enhancing physical and mental relaxation.

Source: End All Disease
Date posted: 02/06/2020

How to Use Oregano Oil to Treat Common Infections Without Drugs

Oregano is a fragrant herb commonly used to flavor pasta and meat dishes, and is renowned for its versatility in the kitchen. But did you know that it can also be transformed into an herbal oil with a wide range of benefits? Read on to learn more about oregano oil.

Source: Real Farmacy
Date posted: 01/06/2020

Vitamin D Combats Viral Infections and Boosts Immune System

GrassrootsHealth recently conducted a review of an observational study involving 212 patients who had COVID-19, identifying a correlation between vitamin D levels and disease severity. Those with the mildest disease had the highest vitamin D levels, and vice versa

Source: Dr. Mercola
Date posted: 31/05/2020

Low-FODMAP Diet in the Management of Quiescent Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The low-FODMAP diet limits foods high in certain types of sugars that are poorly absorbed by the digestive tract. These sugars are abbreviated as FODMAP, which stands for fermentable oligosaccharides (fructans and galacto-oligosaccharides), disaccharides (lactose), monosaccharides (fructose), and polyols (sorbitol and mannitol).

Source: Natural Medicine Journal
Date posted: 29/05/2020

How to Boost Your Immune System - Top 19 Boosters

We are continually exposed to organisms that are inhaled, swallowed or inhabit our skin and mucous membranes. Whether or not these organisms lead to disease is decided by the integrity of our body’s defense mechanisms, or immune system.

Source: Dr. Axe
Date posted: 27/05/2020



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