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What Does It Mean If Your Urine Is Cloudy?

Many health conditions can be discovered by simply observing your stool and urine. That is why it’s always a good idea to take a quick look, even if it may seem a bit disgusting. There can be many variations to the topic, and the variables include consistency, color, and smell.

Source: Red Orbit
Date posted: 25/08/2020

Slideshow: Brain Foods That Help You Concentrate

There's no denying that as we age, our body ages right along with us. The good news is that you can improve your chances of maintaining a healthy brain if you add "smart" foods and drinks to your diet.

Source: Web MD
Date posted: 24/08/2020

Covid-19 and common colds can both impair taste and smell, but study finds big difference

Loss of smell and taste is more severe in Covid-19 patients than in patients with common colds and that could be due to the effect the coronavirus has on the brain and nervous system, British researchers reported on Wednesday.

Source: CNN
Date posted: 22/08/2020

How To Alkalise Water Naturally (And Why You Should)

There’s no question — we absolutely can not live without water. But do we really need to drink alkalized water for our survival? Perhaps not for our ultimate survival, but maybe for longevity. Advocates of alkaline water believe it can help our bodies stay disease-free, and generally improve all aspects of our health.

Source: Rise Earth
Date posted: 21/08/2020

All You Need to Know about Sugar and Sugar Substitutes

The amount of sugar we consume in foods and beverages would likely astound you because so much of it is hidden in different names. We explore the many different ways sugar is represented and the various sugar substitutes while uncovering the mechanisms of how the body processes each one, their benefits, and side effects

Source: Nootropedia.com
Date posted: 19/08/2020

Medical myths: The mystery of sleep

Despite spending around one-third of our lives in the land of nod, sleep still holds many mysteries. Scientists are chipping away at the details, but the wonder of slumber is much more complex than it appears. Here we dispel some common myths.

Source: Medical News Today
Date posted: 18/08/2020

Medieval Potion Shown to Kill Problematic Bacteria

In 2015, a microbiologist and an Anglo Saxon scholar decided to test a recipe from a 10th-century Old English medical compendium called Bald's Leechbook; what they found surprised everyone. The potion, called "Bald's eyesalve," was tested on soft tissue infected with the antibiotic-resistant methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus – otherwise known as the hospital superbug MRSA. It killed 90 percent of the bacteria, the same efficacy as vancomycin, the antibiotic that is used for MRSA.

Source: Treehugger
Date posted: 17/08/2020

4 Things To Do Every Morning For Better Gut Health All Day Long

The phrase waking up on the wrong side of the bed exists for a reason. What happens in the first couple of hours each morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. Prioritizing a morning gut health routine can be especially important for both mental and physical well-being on a daily basis.

Source: Mind Body Green
Date posted: 16/08/2020

Glutathione is the secret to prevent aging, cancer. heart disease, dementia and more

Our bodies are fighting off environmental toxins and stressors daily. It’s is important we give our bodies the weapons (anti-oxidants) to protect our bodies from cell damage and diminishing health as a result of this damage. Master anti-oxidant Glutathione (GSH), maintains anti-oxidants like Vitamins C and E, and even CoQ10. GSH acts as a security guard, disarming free radicals before they are able to cause damage to our cells.

Source: Living Traditionally
Date posted: 14/08/2020

Can Curcumin Help Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa), most commonly known as the spice found in curry, is not only known for its flavor, but for its purported health benefits as well. Its active compound, curcumin, is a popular and well-known anti-inflammatory supplement

Source: Self-Hacked
Date posted: 12/08/2020

The Sugar-Depression Connection

New research continues to make the case for sugar’s role in depression. University of Kansas clinical psychologists theorize in the journal Medical Hypotheses that added dietary sugars can create a depressogenic effect by sparking the metabolic, inflammatory, and neurobiological processes tied to depression.

Source: Experience Life
Date posted: 11/08/2020

Frankincense Has Been Proven to Be a Psychoactive Antidepressant

Inhaling diffused incense is a moderate to low-risk and may be well worth it to those who suffer from their stressful conditions. Recently a team of researchers from Johns Hopkins University and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem did a study to see what the effects were of burning incense. They studied Frankincense to determine why it has psychoactive effects.

Source: The Mind Unleashed
Date posted: 10/08/2020



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