An Introduction to Dowsing in Ashtead, Surrey

Come to one of our Dowsing Workshops in Surrey for a day of fun and practical experience - suitable for everyone whether a healer or just interested to know more. Dowsing is a way of engaging with our natural intuitive abilities. We will use a pendulum to uncover aspects of health and how to support family members and outdoors we will experiment with dowsing rods looking for earth energies.

Date: Saturday 22nd May 2021

Price: £85.00
One Day Workshop 10.30am to 3.30pm

Ashtead, Ashtead, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21
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Organised by:

The Radionic Association & School of Radionics
Baerlein House
Goose Green
Oxfordshire OX15 0SZ

Phone: 01869 338852

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