Introduction to Heart Rate Variability & Unique Mitochondrial Diet Supplements


There are five online classes that can be taken at a time that works with your own time zone. The classes can be completed in a few days, but the total time to complete all classes is at the end of the calendar month.

Class 1 – Introduction & Background

Class 2 – Your Auto Pilot

Class 3 – HRV Reading Evaluation 

Class 4 – MuDr. Kucera’s Unique Supplements

Class 5 – Case Studies & FAQ’s

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Mitochondrial Therapy® was created in March 2010 by Sheri Dixon, innovated by MuDr. Michael Kucera. We use HRV (heart rate variability) testing, and unique diet supplement formulas, based on the 1994, 15-years innovative research, headed by Prof. R. Baevsky, with Prof. A. Berseneva, and MuDr. Michael Kucera, at the Institute for Biomedical Problems, Academy of Sciences, Moscow. This military research is not yet published and known only to the scientists who were directly involved. Russian Mars Project astronauts are routinely screened with Prof. Baevsky’s HRV test offered by Mitochondrial Therapy® (UK) and Mitochondrial Wellness™ (USA) and all linked practices.

The research began due to MuDr. Kucera’s interest in studying the effects of stress in the military, and for systemic damage caused by long term exposure to radiation from the sun as experienced by astronauts on long space missions. The goal was to find a way to prevent and protect from systemic damage, and ensure carnosine could enter cells. The three scientists began researching carnosine in a petri dish before observing its effects in frog hearts. Many years of meticulous work resulted in the unique and authentic diet supplement we offer in all practices linked to MuDr. Kucera, who owns the formula copyright.

HRV was approved in Russia as a medical test in 1966 and the USA in 1996. It is a useful tool that can predict the degree of risk of sudden heart death. It assesses the efficiency of the cardiac vegetative nervous system (ANS). A HRV test reading indicates the efficiency of the immune and hormonal systems, available mitochondrial energy, stress adaptation capacity, and weight management. A HRV test takes five minutes whilst relaxed and is an excellent measure of the efficacy of any previous efforts to rebuild health.


1. Read Sheri Dixon’s bestselling book, ‘The Fast Way to Slow Down Ageing’, to increase understanding and reduce tuition time. The book introduces the reader to the mitochondria, the autonomic nervous system, heart rate variability, and MuDr. Kucera’s diet supplement formulations. Sheri’s book website is

You can read more about the book, read reviews, download a copy (£2.31 GBP)

And at

2. Experience a personal HRV test with an established group practitioner, if this is feasible in your location.

We are excited about expanding our practitioner group though the launch of our online seminar, ‘Introduction to Heart Rate Variability (HRV) & Dr. Kucera’s Unique Mitochondrial Diet Supplements’, that can be taken in any time zone.


Introduction to Heart Rate Variability & Unique Mitochondrial Diet Supplements

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