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We offer professionally recognised Aromatherapy courses (IFA) for people who have a real love of Healing with natural remedies and who seek to improve their health and the quality of their life.

In 1987, Nicole Perez, Fellow IFA, funded the School of Holistic Aromatherapy where hundreds of students have successfully trained and qualified as professional aromatherapists.

Nicole Perez developed her knowledge of aromatherapy in both France and England. Her own life experience has been filled with many painful events from which she drew valuable insights, which led her on the path of Healing.

Not only is Nicole a fully experienced teacher and therapist of various complementary therapies but from the seventies onwards, she also received special group and one-to-one training in healing, in Tibetan Medicine, in Ayurvedic Massage (visit to South India), in Psychic and Absent Healing at the College of Psychic studies and shamanistic practices.

AROMATHERAPY and day-to-day living

How can aromatherapy help in our daily life? Why do we need it?

When we meet with extraordinary circumstances, intense feelings of pleasure or pain may occur causing certain chemical changes to take place. To help us cope, perform, or adjust to these changes, our body will release stress hormones, which tend to greatly heighten our awareness through stimulating our 5 senses and more particularly our sense of smell. This is a good thing in itself but the drawback from it, is that we may be left in a state of hypersensitivity without even being aware of it, long after the event has passed. A constant state of hypersensitivity may become an automatic reflex, which can lead to physical reactions such as allergies, high and low energy levels, depression, sleeplessness, irritation, and other psychosomatic ailments. Once a reflex is established, it is difficult if at all, to change it as this is the bodyÂ’s way to adapt to new difficult circumstances.

The subtle workings of aromatherapy treatments have often been found to gently re-establish a more harmonious pattern of emotional and physical health and to gradually decrease or eliminate the problem in question. This is where Aromatherapy treatments in the home or from a qualified, experienced aromatherapist can help.

The natural, beautiful scents from essential oils can ‘ease & heal’ not only our Mind and Soul but also our body. They will lead us on the path of self-discovery and awareness. In the hand of a caring and skilful aromatherapist, the essential oils will soothe the pain of those who suffer.

Heavenly & Earthy Scents:
Different scents are used for different people, different situations, or special occasions. Stimulating our senses with beautiful perfumes is a very ancient practice and the smell of Rose, Jasmine, Gardenia, Mimosa and many other flowers have been used from the Ancient World to the Renaissance and Tudor times and handed down to us from generations to generations. Cleansing, soothing, beautifying, healing and transforming the mind, body and spirit is just as valid and useful in the Modern World as it was in the Ancient World


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