Anna Blackmore

Alternative & complementary medicine practitioner offering the following therapies:

Hypnotherapy; NLP; Yoga

Coming from a background of osteopathy, shiatsu, oriental medicine, yoga and meditation, I bring a wide range of knowledge and experience to my practice of cognitive hypnotherapy and yoga therapy.

I offer a free initial phone chat for us both to determine if we would like to work together, what issues you want to focus on and what outcome you'd like. I'll ask you to complete a questionnaire before the first session, which we use as a basis for digging deeper into what underlies the problem and to set some goals, which feel truly authentic to you. Usually I will teach you a simple technique in that first session and give you a hypnotic relaxation, that lays the foundation and gets the ball rolling for our work.

If you are coming for help with recovery from injuries or illness, there will be a physical assessment and we'll explore simple movement and breathing techniques, to aid mobility and circulation, as well as hypnotic relaxation, for healing and ease.

For mental / emotional blocks, we may do some trance regression, to help you unpick the original conditioning behind the issue and use a variety of other techniques to alter the belief pattern / mindset causing it, and also ways of strengthening motivation to maintain the changes.

Sessions are most often weekly to start with.

The key to happiness is in learning to master the mind – instead of being its victim and discovering true meaning, purpose and joy in life.


International Yoga Vashishta Yoga Therapy certificate, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy certificates, Shiatsu diploma, Diploma of Osteopathy, Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Sivananda Teacher

Registered with:

National Council of Hypnotherapy, International Association of Yoga therapists


32 Lydford Close
Greater London N16 8UT
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