Leah (Theologia) Jung

Alternative & complementary medicine practitioner offering the following therapies:

Hypnobirthing; Hypnotherapy; Pilates

Leah Jung, I’m a hypnotherapist, I enjoy my allotment growing organic foods. I love helping people and a good listener, I enjoy helping clients achieve there goals, and how they can make changes in there lifestyle and there well-been. Hypnotherapy is a relaxation technique which helps to focus on many situations we deal with every day life dealing with stress, or depression or anxiety in our daily life and to help manage it with positive suggestions to help makes those changes. Dealing with phobias and fears which effects our life which will give us other symptoms like panic attacks. 

And to help ourselves with our challenges in our life ahead.


Hypnotic world, practitioners hypnotherapy Diploma and hypnotherapy Diploma, Pilates instructor, fitness instructor, personal trainer certificate, CPD courses, Hypno birthing, past life regression, depression/stress/ parts therapy.

Registered with:

Professional hypnotherapist practitioners association and The national hypnotherapy society.
Cimspa for sports and fitness


Leah’s health and fitness, hypnotherapist
Eleanor road
Greater London E8 1DN
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