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CHIS-UK alternative medicine and complementary healthcare information service United Kingdom
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Complementary Healthcare Information Service - UK

School for INNER SOUND (UK)

Wide range of original therapeutic music composed by Arden Wilken & INNER SOUND Spiral of Fifths tuning forks. Training offered.

Inner Sound is a comprehensive, original system of sound and music therapy developed by Sound Therapist, Arden Wilken, since 1978. Our range of products include: music CDs and cassettes, individually tailored Personal Music compilation CDs & Tuning Forks. We also offer a range of certified presence and correspondence courses in the UK, USA, Spain, Holland and Germany. Arden Wilken’s investigation into sound healing began when she realized that her natural ability to see how sound influences or creates movement in a person’s energy system (the aura) could be combined with her musical ability. She began composing uniquely tailored music for individuals to meet their supportive needs – physically, emotionally and psychologically. She created thousands of personal compositions observing, over time, that when asked for music for similar conditions or symptoms, similarities existed both in the blockages present in the energy system and also in the progression of musical notes that were successful in helping dissolve or move them. Through repeated listening to the personal compositions, people report a wide range of benefits including an alleviation of symptoms, a change of mental attitude, greater awareness of emotional defenses, an increase in physical vitality or improvement in mood. Personal Music compilations are an integral part of the service we offer the public and our personalized CDs continue to be tailored to the needs of each individual. Using the motifs as the basis for her compositions, Arden created a range of sound and music CDs that provide support for more general themes with which people commonly experience difficulty, either intermittently in times of stress, or on a more consistent basis. There are now 21 CDs in the full range of Inner Sound’s music titles and amongst them are compositions dealing specifically with pain, fatigue, stress and depression as well as a wide range of psychological, emotional and physical symptoms. Inner Sound includes a range of tuning forks, based on the Schumann Earth Cavity Resonance, tuned in pure fifths, which provide a simple yet effective means of working with pure sound for individuals and professionals alike. Our set of Spiral of Fifths Tuning Forks contain13 forks that help relax the body at a deep level, balancing the central nervous system and enhancing the body’s natural ability to regenerate itself. We offer smaller sets of forks that are useful in pain management, stress reduction, meditation, grounding and creativity. Our products are used as a complement to alternative therapies and are an effective support to those interested in personal development. We make no medical claims regarding our music titles but our CDs have been used by people suffering with a range of acute and chronic physical conditions which are often accompanied by psychological and emotional factors that play a part in serious illness. We offer assistance to people interested in combining a holistic approach with managing their condition, but also to those who provide care and support for them, whether family members or professional health carers.Address: School for INNER SOUND (UK), 15A Queens Road, , Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 4EZ

Phone: +44 (0) 208 891 3798
Web: http://www.inner-sound.co.uk

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