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Complementary Healthcare Information Service - UK

Aqualibria UK's Premier Colon Hydrotherapy Spa

Therapies offered: Colonic Therapy; Hydrotherapy

General information:

At Aqualibria we pride ourselves with offering a first class service in colon hydrotherapy (colonic irrigation) treatments in terms of the equipment, the staff and the facility we operate from.

Our clientele is constituted by individuals who want to look and feel their best as well as performing at their peak. They come to us looking for solutions which are natural and that enable them to take charge of their wellbeing. A clean colon lifts the burden and guarantees efficiency in every other organ in the body and allows one's true health to come out from within.

We operate the very latest colon hydrotherapy system that we imported directly from the USA - we are the first centre in the country to introduce this system  - that ensures 100% privacy and a level of comfort which goes far beyond what has ever been experienced so far.

Our clients tipically fall into one of three categories:
- rebalance: clients suffering from conditions related to the digestive system (Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS, constipation, atonic colon, sluggish colon) or more general conditions related to accumulated toxicity (liver and kidney toxicity, skin problems, lungs related conditions, allergies, emotional toxicity);
- rejuvenate: clients wanting help with weight loss and normalisation, skin rejuvenation, healthier hair and nails, better sleeping patterns;
- reenergise: clients with busy lifestyles that need to perform in peak conditions, wanting to improve metabolism, absorption of nutrients, increase energy levels, feel vibrant and full of vitality.

The spa like design of the colon hydrotherapy treatment rooms is quite unique, providing comfortable and soothing surroundings where you can relax and nurture your body, mind and spirit. 

Since it is your health we are talking about, I would imagine it is very important for yourself to make sure that the level of offering is of the highest standard. I suggest you take your time to explore our website www.aqualibria.com where you can find a wealth of information on all of the above and more.

Please make sure you have a look at 'our clients' section where you can read feedback from our satisfied international clientele. What they say about us is more important than what we claim.

We look forward to welcome you at Aqualibria and help you to meet your needs and achieve your objectives.

Please call us at our freephone or email us and we will attend your enquiry straight away. 

Aqualibria UK's Premier Colon Hydrotherapy Spa
No.1 Harley Street
Harley Street, London
London W1G 9QD

Phone: 0800 612 9481
Web: http://www.aqualibria.com

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