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Colour Light Therapy is a holistic healing method that treats the whole spectrum of the human being from a mild headache to bringing in your soul blueprint. It uses a torch and different coloured quartz glass rods to release emotional, physical, mental and soul-level pain. It can be used to treat a huge range of issues, including addiction to a negative belief or state of mind, a person, place, drug or disease.

Have you ever been addicted to something? No, never, are you sure? I'm not just talking about crack or heroin here. How about that ex-boyfriend you just can't stop thinking about? Or perhaps you know it's not good for you to spend 12 hours a day at work but you still can't stop? Maybe you feel constantly guilty about everything, or starved of love, attention or food, no matter how much affection is lavished on you, or gorgeous nourishing meals put in front of you.

The Freedom from Bondage or Unhooking is a series of three sessions. It helps you to release the negative aspect of any issue you choose, freeing you to live your life energy in a way which is more in tune with who you are. You can hook from a person, place, or issue (though not an emotion. So guilt is fine, but not anger or sadness, for example). It uses numerology to find the points and the colours required, then the light is applied to the upper back, using an inner and outer set of points. Often a childhood or more commonly past-life memory surfaces, which the practitioner dialogues through with the client, until they understand the lesson of that lifetime as it relates to the issue in hand, and help to bring healing and resolution.

Sidika had spent her whole life feeling chronically guilty. "Right from an early age, I remember feeling guilty about everything Â? everything was my fault" she says. "Whenever, anyone said, "Sidika, there's something I want to talk to you about", my immediate internal response would be "Oh no! What have I done now?" " Her addiction to feeling guilty was so strong that, even when she was on a bus in India that crashed into a drunken cyclist, the voice in her head told her it was her fault!

So guilt was definitely the issue for her to tackle in her first unhooking series. Many past-life memories surfaced - she experienced one as a healer in Ancient Greece, who had abandoned her healing/spiritual teacher who was dying because she felt guilty she couldn't heal her, dying herself full of grief, remorse and guilt. Another as a young man in an opium den who had missed his father's death because he had been so out of it. Another as a woman feeling guilt over terminating a pregnancy and also a young officer in the army who had caused the death of his men due to his incompetence and was then riddled with guilt. In the final session of the series, she experienced being a teenage boy guilty of spying on a secret Tantric ritual who was punished by having his eyes put out and his tongue cut off! In the second part, she was a monk who had not been allowed to teach sacred texts and in a jealous rage had destroyed them. Then, overcome with guilt and remorse, he had impaled himself on a hook so that everyone could see his guilt and shame.

In each case, she dialogued through the experience to discover the lesson of the lifetime Â? each had a slightly different nuance Â? from learning to be herself, rather than trying to be perfect, to re-writing the script of one lifetime so it was more fulfilling, and along the way receiving blessings from the other souls involved in her story.

Sidika describes the experience as, "a huge healing. It definitely worked for me. Over time as I have integrated these powerful sessions, I am noticing that as various situations arise in which I previously would have felt compelled to do something I really didn't want to do Â? just to avoid that awful feeling of GUILT, I am able to remain true to myself. I might have a little wobble, but generally it's much easier."

This is one of the beautiful things about Colour Light - that through dialoguing, it helps the client not only heal and release the original cause of the wound, but to bring that knowledge into their life now and see how it makes a difference to them in their every day life and any situations that resonate with the issue they are working on. In this way it is very grounding. Sidika, for example, was feeling guilty that she hadn't spent enough time with a friend who was dying of cancer. Through dialoguing the past lifetime where she had experienced a similar situation with her spiritual teacher, she also brought that learning through into this lifetime and let go of feeling responsible for her friend.

A note of caution however Â? it could change your life! Kamla Deva is the main Colour Light trainer in the UK. Unhooking is one of her favourite series to give, and she recalls her own experience of it as very powerful: "I remember when I took the course I wanted to unhook from debt so we chose the word that represented this energetically: 'burdens'. When I came back from the course my soon to be ex-husband had decided he wanted to sell the matrimonial home and move to live in a community. Miraculously the two greatest 'burdens' I had at that time - the house and the husband Â? disappeared, freeing me to go off to India, on the way meeting my beloved future partner."                                            

Case Study

Letting in nourishment - unhooking from starvation


I was inspired to unhook from starvation while doing a detox Â? during the fasting days I felt like I was starving, so thought this would be a good place to go for an unhooking treatment.

The first session uncovered a life time in the Holocaust Â? a feeling of death stalking the land, and I was a teenage girl caught in the middle of it, absorbing everyone's guilt and terror. I died in the gas chamber, very underweight, with a feeling of hopelessness. Death and guilt seemed to be presenting themselves as themes already.

During the second session, a lifetime came up where I had died as a young four year old boy, having lost both my parents at the age of two. This was a very difficult lifetime to investigate. I was totally closed, shut down and given up on life at the point of death. I couldn't get a clear vision, I was getting very frustrated and confused and couldn't see what had happened and what I was trying to learn. Again, guilt, hopelessness and death plagued me. The considerable patience of Amala, who was my therapist for the series, helped me to eventually go there and see the truth and the gift of that lifetime Â? to stay open, no matter what, to live life, and even just the basic will to survive. After experiencing such a difficult lifetime Â? abandoned at two years old, never really learnt to speak or communicate Â? what could be worse than that!! And still I survived for two years on my own. I felt him integrate into me, and it was as if I had reclaimed part of my soul I had been missing a long time. Weeping tears of joy, Amala asked me to bring that understanding into this lifetime, and difficulties that had happened to me as a child, and I heard myself saying, as a nine year old, Â? "I won't close down, I won't close down" Â? it was the spirit of this young boy come back to me! It was a deep, soul level healing that I have no more words for.

So to the final session Â? again there was initially some difficulty in accessing the lifetime - I was looking into a dark pit, but couldn't quite go into it. Amala suggested I walk through a door from this place and see what I could see Â? I felt overwhelming guilt and saw myself being punished by an authority figure, and by myself. I kept saying to myself 'I deserve to die, I deserve to die'. I discovered that I had been a young healer many centuries ago, specially connected to the children of the village. I was their spiritual mother in a way Â? they would come to me for healing and love, and I was accepted and welcomed by the people of the village. Then two of the children died and I felt so protective of them, I felt as though it was my fault they died Â? that there was something more I could have done to save them. So I accepted the guilt and the blame of the village, and was drowned as a witch.

This led me into another more ancient lifetime where I was one of the mothers of a civilisation, similar to Atlantis. There were many of us who had this role, and there was no feeling of superiority, it was just our job. We weren't encouraged to have our own children, but it was also okay if we did Â? I had my own baby and it died, and the grief was so huge, I couldn't feel it and closed my heart down.  Because of this I couldn't be a channel for the divine mother energy any more, and I started to abuse my position and fall more and more into ego. From this came huge guilt and a feeling that, when I was a mother, bad things happened! All my life I have shied away from the idea of being a mother, it has always terrified me, and I knew now that this lifetime was the root of it. It was also the root cause of my feeling of starvation Â? my closed heart meant that I couldn't mother myself Â? I couldn't receive that energy from the divine, so always felt internally starved, and also unable to take the nourishment out of food, or nature or really feel love from others.

Again I felt as though I had reclaimed a huge part of myself that I had been missing for so long. It was as though half my female energy had been missing all that time. I can't begin to describe the waves and ripples that this has sent through my being. It is the one of the deepest healings I have ever received.

The series was a wonderful healing experience, where I reclaimed two lost parts of my soul and a journeyed into more and more self-love.

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To find out more about Colour Light Therapy, see www.schoolofawakening.com/colour. Discover the background to the method, read case studies and testimonials and find out what issues it can help with. You can also enquire about practitioners in your area. To find out more about becoming a Colour Light Therapist, contact Sidika Petterson on: Tel: 0117 927 2445 Mob: 07742 053198 Email: colour@schoolofawakening.com

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