Heal Your Life With Transpersonal or Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy or Spiritual Hypnotherapy as it is more commonly known, is one of the most powerful healing tools around today and has been used for centuries. The ancient Egyptians utilised the power of trance in their healing temples, where they practiced soul whispering, restoring the subconscious mind to its connection with the soul and thereby conditioning the mind to heal. Spiritual Hypnotherapy is a holistic therapy, embracing Mind, Body & Spirit. Spiritual Hypnotherapy is not religious but focuses on the premise that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and supports you in connecting with your highest potential.

You have a body, yet you are not your body, you have a mind, yet you are not your mind, you have emotions, yet you are not your emotions. Spiritual Hypnotherapy offers you an opportunity to connect with your true essence - your soul. As Einstein once said, "a problem cannot be solved at the same level at which it was created." It is your mind that creates problems, and yet, many of your challenges are simply gifts from the universe in disguise. Spiritual Hypnotherapy enables you to explore these gifts, gaining insight, clarity, resources, and direction as well as resolution of your challenges.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is integrative, embracing many of the major psychotherapeutic models, as well as the latest cutting edge techniques and processes. Our spiritual Hypnotherapy Training draws from and integrates; NLP, Gestalt, Psychodynamic, Jungian, Shamanic, Alchemical theories, processes and approaches. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy includes:

-Inner Child Healing and Emotional Clearing a fantastic tool for healing negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs, eliminate self worth issues, emotional trauma and relationship issues,

-Regression,, powerful tool for eliminating and transforming your karma

-Past Life Regression,, great for resolving persistant physical issues, accessing creative abilities, clearing phobias and clearing negative patterns.

-Life Between Lives, ideal for gaining insight into our spiritual nature, soul purpose, soul contracts and much much more.

-Future Lives, an ideal tool for gaining insight, clarity and confidence and new skills.

-Somatic Healing for persistant physical illness, disease or injury

-Dreamwork Interactive process for connecting with your unconscious mind and embracing the wisdom of your soul

Interactive Tarot for gaining wisdom from your unconscious mind and higher self

-Inner Guide Work (Archetypal Healing) Connect with Guides, Inner Healer, Teachers, Angels and Ascended Masters

-Sub-Personalities Work, ideal for gaining insight, clarity and healing inner conflict, releasing sabotage patterns, and addictions or negative behaviours.

-Soul Rescue & Spirit Release to reclaim split off or frozen energy, clear attachments

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful healing tools available for change and personal and spiritual development and growth. I have trained many Counsellors, Healers, Therapists and Hypnotherapists, Coaches who find it an excellent resource in their healing toolkit and thousands of people have been helped with this incredible healing system.

About the author:

Kimberley Lovell is a Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapist/Coach/Trainer and runs Accredited Professional Hypnotherapy Training and Personal & Spiritual Development Courses. To find out more about Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, visit the website and sign up for your FREE Newsletter full of articles, tips and resources for transforming your life.

Website: http://www.soulutions.uk.com

Author: Kimberley Lovell
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