The Invisible Dangers from ElectroMagnetic Frequencies

Did you know that all life is bathed in natural low-frequency static Â?electro-magneticÂ? fields? Yet, did you realise that most of the electric fields that now envelop us are not actually Â?naturally-occurringÂ? and can be dangerous for our health?

Nowadays, our bodies are absorbing such a large cocktail of man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that alternate and Â?pulseÂ? their electrons in waves. EMFs are continually emitted from mobile phones, wireless devices (DECT), Wii games, WiFi routers, overhead cables, telephone masts and electrical equipment, all within the external environment and within our homes and offices. Because weÂ?re primarily 'energetic' beings, these frequencies cause a huge amount of stress upon our own bodies and considerably weaken our aura which is our protective outer Â?magnetic fieldÂ?.

Researchers around the world and leading experts in the effects of electromagnetic fields, including the renowned Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, Medical Director of the Institute of Neurobiology in Washington, USA, have found that prolonged exposure to EMFs causes much harm to our bodyÂ?s cells. EMF exposure affects the way our cells Â?energeticallyÂ? communicate with one another and so affects our bodyÂ?s ability to function properly. EMFs cause blockages in the natural flow of our bodyÂ?s vital energy, and weaken the cell membrane and its contents, including long-term damage to our DNA. As a result, healthy cells become harmful and unstable which leads to chronic disease.

Regular or prolonged exposure has found to be a major contributor to conditions such as bone disorders and reduced bone density, cancers, infertility issues, fatigue, brain fogginess, hormonal disturbances, headaches, depression and mental issues, muscular tension, stress, behavioural changes, sleeping disorders, weight gain and much more.

Babies and children are at even greater risk. Their brains absorb much higher levels of radiation because their nerve cells and immune systems are still developing and are therefore poorly-protected. Baby Monitors have been shown to be highly damaging to a babyÂ?s unprotected brain cells. Pregnant women regularly using mobile phones and WiFi greatly expose their growing foetuses to the likelihood of developing neurological disorders. WhatÂ?s of huge concern is that WiFi is now available everywhere you go Â? on aircraft, buses, trains, coaches, pubs, cafes, shops and public buildings, so our bodies are constantly under considerable strain.

Over time, the bodyÂ?s self-healing mechanism becomes more ineffective. This is because the cells are increasingly fatigued, our normal metabolism and nerve signal transmission is interfered with, and our immune system becomes greatly impaired with a lowered resistance to diseases and cancers.

For more information on some of the research thatÂ?s available, please visit and When it comes to technology, we canÂ?t go back in time - so itÂ?s important that modern technology becomes much safer for everyone to use. To find out how to protect yourself and your family, please visit my website:

About the author:

Liz Barrington is a complementary therapist specialising in Integrated Healing and Kinesiology, Vibrational Healing Therapy, Medical QiGong, Nutritional Support and Detoxification Therapies. In the last few years, Liz has become a firm advocate against the use of wireless equipment and other appliances that emit harmful electro-magnetic frequencies. People need to become much more aware of the health dangers such as energy blockages and energy stagnation that our bodies are faced with when using such devices. Therefore modern technology has to become much safer for us all to use. By re-balancing the body's natural energy fields and by clearing any blockages, our vibrational healing products and services help to restore order not only from a physical perspective, but also from a higher 'energetic' level of human functioning to encourage deeper and more balanced interrelationships between our body, mind and spirit and soul. Liz also believes the secret to staying healthy and happy is to ensure you keep your mind, thoughts and your friends positive, and having much love, compassion and gratitude in your heart for yourself and for those around you.


Author: Liz Barrington
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