Barefoot walking

Being by the sea presents big horizons. It stretches the vision and therefore the mind. The fresh air and Vitamin D from being in a light filled environment (it doesn't have to be sunny) relaxes you. You begin to feel well.... The higher the level of Vitamin D in the body, the more control it has on blood sugar levels. Feelings of calm begin to suffuse your body and mind. . 

What else is happening?

The wonderful, salty fragrance on the sea shore comes from dimethyl sulphide gas given off by the sea. Breathing this into your lungs at the beach will help improve your sleep at night. This is because sea air is full of negative hydrogen ions  - charged particles abundant in sea spray and concentrated in fresh air. It improves your ability to absorb oxygen by neutralising damaging free radicals (positive ions). Then, the negative ions of sea air can balance levels of serotonin, the feel-good hormone, making you less prone to anxiety. 

And all this is free!

Both wet sand and grassy earth have a slightly negative charge. When you stand barefoot on the sand, electrons from the earth flow into your body, giving you a virtual transfusion of healing energy. The same happens when you stand on the garden grass with bare feet. Or walking in a forest.... nature has healing powers. 

Take Action!

Get outside today, in the fresh air. Stand on the grass with your bare feet if you can't make it to the coast. The countryside and seaside is never far away on our small island. It may be difficult to drag yourself out when you are feeling dejected and low. The rewards are great - an expansion of your horizons and an uplifting of your spirit. 

Author: Cynthia Sillars
Copyright © 2022 Cynthia Sillars. All rights reserved

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