The cause of all problems

The cause of all problems in the world is the lack of self-love.

Unfortunately we are programmed not to love ourselves.

For some teachings, loving ourselves is selfish.

We also live in a reality gone a little 'insane' where we are made 'wrong' from just about birth and for just about everything.

Making people wrong seems to be pretty much trendy.

And the insanity is that we actually seem to have believed in our wrongness for eons.

We believe in the wrongness other people impose upon us, which starts from our parents, and WE put on ourselves an infinite amount of wrongness because we have been programmed to do so.

We are made wrong for just about everything: our sex, age, color of skin, hair, eyes, body, weight, height, nationality, ethnicity, creed, beliefs, values, class, job, profession, financial situation, success, relationships, friends, behaviors, achievements and so on: we are wrong because we are the way we are, for what we do, how we behave, what we have done or not done, what we have achieved or not achieved and maybe we are wrong because we are born.


If we beat ourselves up, that's the anti-thesis of self-love and it could easily become anger or rage towards ourselves, guilt, shame, self-loathing, self-hatred, etc.

Now, everything in the world is energy and vibrations and the higher our vibrations, the easier our life becomes.

To raise our frequency or vibrations we need to delete the densities, in the same way when we have a virus in a computer, we need to delete it in order for the computer to work.

And the wrongness of us, is very dense density.

When we delete the densities, our vibrations raise and our life improves.

If we were completely loving of ourselves we would have everything we want, and this because Love is our very nature.

To delete the wrongness and badness and guilt and shame of us, it can be a lot of work, but we need to begin it, huh? 

When we eliminate the wrongness of us, we begin opening the way to feeling good about us and accepting and loving ourselves.

Feeling good about ourselves is THE key to happiness, it is THE key to success, it is THE key to good relationships, it is THE key to abundance, it is THE key to wellbeing.

And just something more on confidence because feeling good about ourselves and confidence are very much interlinked. Feeling good actually opens the way to confidence, which to me is more of an inner comfort to just be us, to be human, to be vulnerable, to be ok with us and look at ourselves with the eyes of love, rather than the strong imposing behavior that some people seem to sell as confidence. It is like the quiet inner peace and pleasure in being us.

Sometimes people think that in order to be confident, we need to model certain beliefs or behaviors of confident people, but that would not work, because if the subconscious still holds densities, they would get in the way and make the 'computer' go in short circuit. And furthermore, the beliefs of confident people might not be aligned with our values, which we always need to be aware of.

But when we delete the densities, confidence becomes natural.

And it is very much about discovering the gift and contribution we each are.


Join us for a series of Seminars on how to feel good about ourselves, the first of them is coming up on the 10th August.

About the author:

Piercarla Garusi is a spiritual coach and painter. Her work is currently focused on freeing humanity from what is not love and in doing so reconnecting with Divine Love and helping each Being be treated well, on helping people free from any wrongness of Self, and more topics, all from the points of view of Higher Consciousness, with new workshops just being created. She also loves creating projects for social change. Her spiritual paintings 'Art from the Soul for Higher Consciousness' are for healing, a shift in consciousness, social evolution. They are a direct channel to the Divine, being chanelled from Spirit. You can find more explanation, view them, find information on exhibitions and projects, including a project for Peace and healing projects on    

Author: Piercarla Garusi
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