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The writings published here may or may not reflect the opinions of the people working at CHIS-UK. They are published here to help you develop a greater understanding of the different attitudes and beliefs held by many in the field of holistic health.

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Food Sensitivity, Digestion and Kinesiology

 When I say I'm a Kinesiologist, if people don't say "whats that?" they generally say "oh, that's food testing/allergy testing isn't it"Â?   Well the answer is yes and noÂ?certainly within a Kinesiology session I can test to see whether certain foods...

Written by Linda Belcher

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From Man to Mankind

   Within the metamorphic technique community over the last 40 years, the metaphor of the caterpillar's exciting and unpredictable transformation has been used to inspire people to envision how their own Life Force can bring about a quantum leap in...

Written by Dominique Meeroff

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Be Hay Fever-Free This Summer

   Be Hay Fever-Free This Summer In May, many of us experience a peak of the discomfort of seasonal allergic rhinitis; hay fever is perhaps the most common example as it is commonly known. Although such allergies can sometimes be inherited,...

Written by Kristina Tokarova-Itraj

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Pressing the Reset Button - Review on Bioenergy Healing

Six years after her first encounter with Bioenergy Healing, Tania Ahsan meets founder Michael Cohen again to find out how his technique has developed. "I recommended the treatment six years ago and that hasn't changed"by Tania AhsanEditor of Kindred Spirit,...

Written by Michael Cohen

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Unlocking Secrets of the Past

Recently I had the opportunity of holding some ancient Viking artefacts, a sword, a gold bracelet, a gold jewelled cup and enamelled metal clips. This was an exciting chance for me to find out how much information I could obtain about...

Written by Susanna Bellini

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Sunlight and your skin

As most of us are now going to prepare for summer holiday, here some useful advice from PJ Cousin, author of Â?Natural Recipe for a perfect skinÂ? and Director of Cure By Nature in Replingham Road. Some exposure to sunlight is...

Written by Pierre Jean Cousin

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Have You Considered Healing?

Science has proven that everything in the universe is made of energy, including us.  When the energy flow within and around us is blocked or becomes out of balance, disharmony or "dis-ease" results.  If the natural flow of energy can...

Written by Lorraine Perryman

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EFT; resolving rape in record time

   A very strange turn of events took place this week. Firstly I had been in contact with the Rape Crisis and Trauma Centres for Scotland at the beginning of the week and they informed me that they were currently...

Written by Kelly Meisak

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Is Illness Really a Mistake?

An Introduction to META-Medicine Do you ever wonder what starts an illness? Have you ever experienced an ache, pain, rash or other symptom and wondered 'why me? why now?' Have you ever noticed a relationship between...

Written by Joanne Ross

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EFT and ME

  In February 2006 I skidded out of control in my car and crashed violently into a set of railings. My car was written off, but I exited unscathed and felt particularly lucky to only have suffered a bit of whiplash....

Written by Kelly Meisak

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EFT; Emotional causes underlying physical pain

  The basis of EFT (emotional freedom technique) is that almost all physical pain and illnesses manifest themselves within the body due to stress.  Stress actually comes from emotions; as we experience a vast array of circumstances, we feel emotions accordingly. ...

Written by Kelly Meisak

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EFT; The body's use of metaphors within emotional issues

  This is a real case study that I feel truly shows the body's use of metaphors as a form of protection in deep rooted emotional issues.  As a therapist, I must admit that I lost some of my professionalism while...

Written by Kelly Meisak

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