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Eating for thyroid health

The toll of everything in 2020 is leaving a lot of us tired and sluggish. And since thyroid function connects directly to energy levels, it’s a very sensible thing to investigate. So how do we both support thyroid health, and find out if our thyroid is working properly? And what exactly does a thyroid do anyway?

Source: Nutritionist Resource
Date posted: 20/10/2020

Flu vs COVID-19: how to tell the difference

'Could it be COVID-19?’ is a question many Brits will be asking themselves at the first sign of a sniffle this winter. The good news is, even though coronaviruses share similar symptoms with the flu, there are some key differences between them.

Source: Net Doctor
Date posted: 19/10/2020

Black Tea Polyphenols Vs Green Tea Polyphenols

Everyone loves a tea party. Children all over the world play “tea time.” And even adults make tea a regular part of their day. Why? Well not only is tea comforting and delicious, but many teas are also full to the brim with polyphenols. So let’s look at the polyphenols in both green tea and black tea. What makes them different? What do they have in common?

Source: Gundry MD
Date posted: 18/10/2020

Best Foods as You Age

Foods that are high in fiber -- like fruits and veggies, oatmeal, nuts, and legumes -- can help with constipation that becomes more common as you age. They're also able to help lower your cholesterol levels, manage your blood sugar, and keep you at a healthy weight.

Source: Web MD
Date posted: 16/10/2020

6 Teas That Reduce Inflammation In The Body

Inflammation: it’s on everyone’s lips these days — and for good reason. But we’re not talking about acute inflammation, necessary for healing your wounds. We’re talking about a more sinister kind, called chronic inflammation. It plays a key role in many chronic diseases, contributing to heart disease, arthritis, cancer and more. Luckily, there is a way to reduce chronic inflammation and help promote overall wellness. Just sit back, put your feet up and have a cup of tea.

Source: Rise Earth
Date posted: 14/10/2020

How (and Why) To Do a Protein Fast

Of all the health trends in the past few years abstaining from certain types of calories seems to be the most common. Ketogenic diets are growing in popularity as is the new carnivore diet. The former restricts consumption of glucose and non-fat calories while the latter restricts just about everything minus animal protein.

Source: Nootropedia
Date posted: 13/10/2020

9 home remedies for insomnia

Insomnia is a common condition. Those experiencing insomnia who wish to avoid medication, such as sleeping pills, can try several remedies to encourage the onset of sleep and improve its quality and duration.

Source: Medical News Today
Date posted: 12/10/2020

Casein: The Disturbing Connection Between This Dairy Protein and Your Health

Milk, cheese, and butter are some of the top three foods many people have a hard time giving up when transitioning to a healthy, plant-based diet. Even though the plant-based milk industry is now booming, thanks to all the varieties of options that we have, many people still do use dairy milk, cheese, and butter without abandon. But is this a coincidence? Is cheese pizza really something magical or is it addictive for so many people because of something else?

Source: One Green Planet
Date posted: 11/10/2020

11 Things Better than Drugs or Supplements for Healing

Natural medicine doesn't just involve "nutraceuticals," but extends to modalities like yoga and acupuncture that an increasing body of peer-reviewed research shows can be superior to drugs

Source: Green Med Info
Date posted: 09/10/2020

Best Sleeping Position?

What do you recommend as the best sleeping position? I’ve heard that sleeping on your back is best if you have back pain or if you snore. Is that true?

Source: Dr Weil
Date posted: 07/10/2020

9 Alkaline Foods That Will Clean And Purify Your Blood

Here is a list of 9 alkaline foods which will alkalise your body ph snd remove many different toxins from your blood.

Source: Alkaline Valley Foods
Date posted: 06/10/2020

7 Natural Ways to Care for Your Endocrine System

Your endocrine system contains the glands and organs that produce hormones. Hormones act as catalysts to ensure all the parts of the body function properly. They govern your metabolism, fertility and much more. How can you take good care of your endocrine system naturally? It’s a simple matter of knowing which habits to embrace and which to avoid. Taking the following seven steps will go far in keeping your hormones happy and healthy.

Source: Online Holistic Health
Date posted: 05/10/2020



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