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Vitamin B12 Deficiency: A Trigger for Depression and Anxiety?

B12 supports myelin (which allows nerve impulses to conduct) and when this vitamin is deficient, has been suspected to drive symptoms such as dementia, multiple sclerosis, impaired gait, and sensation. Clinically, B12 may be best-known for its role in red blood cell production. Deficiency states may result in pernicious anemia. But what about B12’s role in psychiatric symptoms such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, and even psychosis?

Source: Kelly Brogan MD
Date posted: 06/09/2020

The top 20 nutrition myths of 2020

With so many nutrition myths, it’s hard to know where to start. In this article we cover carbs, eggs, red meat, and a lot more. Each entry strikes at the heart of the debate and is followed by links to in-depth articles.

Source: Examine.com
Date posted: 04/09/2020

Yoga improves depression and anxiety symptoms

Scientific studies already support yoga practice as a means to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. The new findings, which appear in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice, suggest yoga can be a helpful complementary treatment for clinical depression or major depressive disorder.

Source: Futurity.org
Date posted: 02/09/2020

40 Foods Men Over 40 Should Avoid Like the Plague

In your 20s, you could consume an entire pizza pie after a late night of partying and not gain a single ounce. But in your 40s? Well, if you treated yourself to a meatball sub more than once a week, you'd see the number on the scale go right up. Not to mention, achieving a chiseled physique versus a dad bod gets harder. To help ensure you're aging in reverse, we put together a list of the worst foods for men over 40.

Source: Eat This.com
Date posted: 01/09/2020

Foods for stress and anxiety

If you’ve been feeling more stressed out than usual lately or it is becoming a default 'state' for you, it’s important to know which foods are best to choose and which to avoid when it comes to combating stress and helping you to deal with feelings of stress and anxiety.

Source: Nutritionist Resource
Date posted: 30/08/2020

Quarantine weight gain: 12 tips to lose lockdown pounds

Worried about quarantine weight gain? 12 tips to shed lockdown pounds Focus on making changes across the four pillars: diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management.

Source: Net Doctor
Date posted: 28/08/2020

A Beginner's Guide To A Lectin Free Diet

If you’ve been hearing about lectin free diets lately, but aren’t sure what they are… you’ve come to the right place. Lectin free diets are gaining traction as they’re understood to have a slew of positive health effects.

Source: Gundry MD
Date posted: 26/08/2020

What Does It Mean If Your Urine Is Cloudy?

Many health conditions can be discovered by simply observing your stool and urine. That is why it’s always a good idea to take a quick look, even if it may seem a bit disgusting. There can be many variations to the topic, and the variables include consistency, color, and smell.

Source: Red Orbit
Date posted: 25/08/2020

Slideshow: Brain Foods That Help You Concentrate

There's no denying that as we age, our body ages right along with us. The good news is that you can improve your chances of maintaining a healthy brain if you add "smart" foods and drinks to your diet.

Source: Web MD
Date posted: 24/08/2020

Covid-19 and common colds can both impair taste and smell, but study finds big difference

Loss of smell and taste is more severe in Covid-19 patients than in patients with common colds and that could be due to the effect the coronavirus has on the brain and nervous system, British researchers reported on Wednesday.

Source: CNN
Date posted: 22/08/2020

How To Alkalise Water Naturally (And Why You Should)

There’s no question — we absolutely can not live without water. But do we really need to drink alkalized water for our survival? Perhaps not for our ultimate survival, but maybe for longevity. Advocates of alkaline water believe it can help our bodies stay disease-free, and generally improve all aspects of our health.

Source: Rise Earth
Date posted: 21/08/2020

All You Need to Know about Sugar and Sugar Substitutes

The amount of sugar we consume in foods and beverages would likely astound you because so much of it is hidden in different names. We explore the many different ways sugar is represented and the various sugar substitutes while uncovering the mechanisms of how the body processes each one, their benefits, and side effects

Source: Nootropedia.com
Date posted: 19/08/2020



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