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Spiritual Enterprise

Inventor of hand-tension and GSR Biofeedback Device used to monitor people during relaxation and meditation exercises.

My Noumic Device invention is a new design of Biofeedback Machine that is specifically designed to monitor people as they practice relaxation and meditation exercises.

The electrical properties of human skin change in response to changes in body and mind activity. Psychology research found this in the 1950's, they called it the 'Galvanic Skin Response, GSR.' They also discovered that, something amazing happens to GSR skin conductivity during deep relaxation and certain meditation states of consciousness... IT COMPLETELY STOPS CHANGING!

The Noumic Biofeedback Devicecan monitor themoment by momentaffect that relaxation or meditation exercises have on your body nervous systems. It can identify when you are achieving, or getting closer to acheiving, that balanced / no-changing GSR skin conductivity. With this biofeedback information, the relaxation and meditation learning process is enhanced and quickened. You are made aware of the times when you are succeding to balance and completely calm down your nervous systems.

Also, patients can use the Noumic Biofeedback Device to monitor the moment by moment affects that certain alternative therapies are having on their body and nervous systems. I seek therapists who will try my Noumic gsr Biofeedback Monitor, experiment and perhaps report back what they find.

Deep relaxation and meditation exercises can open the mind to expanded consciousness and profound 'spiritual' awakening. My aim was to create a device that could help people learn the basic skills in relaxation and meditation and thus help them on their spiritual journey.

Please call or email for more information.

Address: Spiritual Enterprise, 19 Florida Court,, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 6NX

Phone: 0118 961 3955
Mobile phone: 07738270465
Web: http://www.noumic.com


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