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Curative Hypnotherapy Register

Relevant for: Hypnotherapy

General information:

"Find the Cause to Cure"

The Association is a registered charity devoted to improving the understanding and practice of Hypnotherapy and to educate the public in its uses to cure, rather than to just treat symptoms.

Curative Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to uncover and correct the cause of symptoms, enabling a complete and permanent cure to be effected. Once the cause is eliminated then the effect (the symptom) cannot continue to exist.

The full extent of potential benefits of hypnotherapy has not yet been established, although it is often seen and practised as a method of enabling symptoms to be suppressed. By extending the boundaries of these views, Curative Hypnotherapy plays a leading role in the continuing advancement of complementary medicine.

The most widely used method was pioneered by David Lesser and is specifically known as LesserianTM Curative Hypnotherapy (LCH). This extract from his "Book of Hypnosis" illustrates the difference between Curative Hypnotherapy and other commonly used methods:

"...a story about a lady who had been to a hypnotherapist to see if he could stop her nightmares and the report described the incident which has started her problem. Apparently she had been on a pier at the seaside as a child and petrol had been poured on the sea then ignited and an escapologist who was already bound in chains and a straight-jacket had been thrown into the middle of the flames. This was stated to be the incident that caused her problem."

The event was certainly traumatic to the lady concerned, even 25 years later relating it to her therapist. Even though she was well aware that this was just an escapologist's stunt and there was no harm or damage done. Still the event caused her upset... but why? Would you expect all the other hundreds of children who also witnessed this spectacle to also develop nightmares? Is this not the sort of event that helps to really make a holiday for a child – something exciting for them to talk about when they get back to school? If the other children did not develop nightmares then there has be to something else in the mind of the one that does.

LesserianTM Curative Hypnotherapy enables not just the trigger, but the cause of a person's unique reaction to it to be uncovered and corrected.

"The Book of Hypnosis" (ISBN 0-9510875-25) and its predecessor "I Heard Every Word: Hypnotherapy Explained" (ISBN 0-9510875-1-7) from bookshops.

For more information on the Association, membership and registered therapists, see www.aqch.org. For information on training see www.lesserian.co.uk

Curative Hypnotherapy Register
584 Derby Road,
Nottinghamshire NG7 2GZ

Phone: 01159701233
Web: http://www.aqch.org

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